Strange Mother's Day Social Media Messages

I was about to send my Mum a message on Facebook today, thanking her for being a great mother. The fact that she doesn’t have a Facebook account, and never has, almost didn’t stop me. Many other users of social media have today been thanking mothers who would not be able to receive those messages. For example: Happy Mothers Day to my Mum, she won't read this… she's [Read More]

Paying Attention

This week my three-year-old daughter and I have learned how to recognise the call of a particular British native bird, the Great Tit. I was bought a birthday present last year of two bird books, that I would imagine are written for children, that have audio buttons that will play the calls of the birds, and she has picked them up this week with renewed interest. Aside from the obvious [Read More]

An Introduction To Recognition Hunger

I will come back to ego states later. There is much more to be said, but first, I wanted to give you an introduction to another TA idea that may surprise and delight you: recognition hunger. You probably haven't heard about this theory before, but you will have certainly experienced it some way. Recognition hunger forms the basis of many other psychological models within TA. It is as important as [Read More]

The Dinner Table

OK so now we know about the three wavelengths we can be on at any given moment, let's consider a place where these ego states are often on parade; the dinner table. My family make it a 'thing' to sit down together for dinner at a table in the kitchen. That fact alone is something worth considering, because not all families do. Why do we? Both of us, Julia and [Read More]

The Meeting Invitation

It was Friday afternoon at about a quarter to five. An email invitation to a meeting appeared in my inbox. It was the third invitation I had received that day to a series of unrelated non-descript gatherings planned for the following week. I had no advance warning the invitations were coming and the title on the emails supplied me with very little understanding of what the events were about or [Read More]